Did You Know All Programs Are Medically Approved?

Looking for a one-stop-shop for everything needed to help reach your weight loss goals? You’ve come to the right place! No matter what body size or shape you are, or what mental, physical or emotional challenges exist in your life, taking that first step takes courage. We know all about it. In fact, we’ve helped hundreds of clients with any goal to make weight loss and healthy living a sustainable reality. Plus, to remain safe and effective, all programs are are medically approved by our Medical Director!  

At eLifestyle, we’ve simplified weight loss and healthy living by offering all of the necessary tools, tips and strategies to reach ANY goal. In fact, we’re all about creating leading weight loss, nutrition and fitness programs that are customizable to any lifestyle and family dynamic — home and on-the-go. So come on in and have a look around. The NEW YOU is just a click away!

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“I’ll help you change your life, just as I did on my personal journey!”

~Leah Armstrong, CEO, eLifestyle





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what people are saying?

Jennifer Irving, Recreation ManagerJennifer Irving, Recreation Manager
“eLifestyle has offered fitness classes at Taboo Resort Golf and Spa for the past 5 years.  Their friendly & knowledgeable instructors ensure our guests always receive the best possible experience. We are looking forward to many more fitness classes to come with eLifestyle and their team of professional trainers.”  
Jill DundasJill Dundas
"As an individual who suffers from a chronic pain disorder, I had been avoiding exercise even though I knew it was what was going to help manage the pain.  As a result I had minimal physical strength or energy.  A friend had been using Leah’s services and could not say enough good things about the changes they were making in her life.  With some hesitancy I decided to give this a try but fairly sure I would not last beyond one session.  Well, two years later that hesitancy is gone and I am the one who can’t say enough good things! Her assessment of my reluctance coupled with my needs empowered me to take on a program that I was able ...
I have been a member at countless gyms and paid many a personal trainer forthe last 6 years with no satisfaction. Working out with Leah at Equilibriumand having her help with meal planning has been highly beneficial. She isvery careful and observant of every thing I do while I workout and isextremely encouraging. She is very positive and full of energy which makesme want to work harder at reaching the goals that I set out. She is alsohonest and will not push you beyond your capacities. She is very sensitiveto the physical challenges I have that are either permanent or temporary.Choosing Equilibrium Lifestyle Management is the best thing I've done formyself in a long time!! 
"Leah knew exactly what muscles I needed to work to get an all-around full body difference. After only two weeks I began to feel and look healthier. Every session was rewarding because she knew just how much to push me and I was able to experience the change in my body's strength. Before I started the training, I'd come home from a full day of work feeling lethargic and drained. All I wanted to do was lie around and sleep. Leah's motivating energy helped me push through that time of day and the workout gave me the boost I needed to enjoy the rest of it. No matter how tired I was I felt great about working out. Leah would ...
"Leah is a patient and enthusiastic trainer. She tailors her training to encompass all areas of your life i.e. physical, mental and dietary needs/goals. Leah cares about each and every client and endeavours to make training an individual and unique experience. She is a pleasure to work with!" K.L
David J.Hawke , Manager Taboo Resort, Golf & SpaDavid J.Hawke , Manager Taboo Resort, Golf & Spa
"Leah Epstein and her company, Equilibrium, have provided Taboo Resort, Golf and Spa with quality programs for the past two years. Our guests enjoy the knowledge and direction of the professional trainers who present the programs. As the Recreation Manager, I appreciate the wide variety of programs choices that Equilibrium offers.. something for everyone, no matter what their fitness level or interests may be."
"I just wanted to let you know that my training with Sandra is going really well. I look forward to her visits and I find her routines very challenging. Last week's routine was so intense I could barely walk for three days, and that's a good thing! I can definitely see a huge improvement in my body; and it is nice to know that muscle has memory! I find that I can barely go a day and half on the weekends without craving a workout. My eating has improved too as I find I am rethinking putting things in my mouth given all the work I put into working out. Plus I feel so accountable to Sandra and the work ...
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