Get Fit BWG!

Welcome to eLifestyle’s Get Fit BWG!


eLifestyle’s Get Fit BWG! is a community-based lifestyle initiative that will give the wonderful residents of our Bradford West Gwillimbury (BWG) community the chance to sign up for our 12-week fitness challenge and join our vision towards a healthier BWG. We are excited to support our community with any fitness or wellness goal they may have with eLifestyle’s Get Fit BWG!


Cost: $99 + HST



Here’s how it works:

During the 12-weeks participants will make their personal goal a reality using a customized online weight loss program from eLifestyle.


This custom 12-Week Online Weight Loss, Exercise & Lifestyle Package includes a weekly personalized:

  • Diet
  • Menu
  • Shopping list
  • Workout plan (one time)
  • Equipment prescription (one time)
  • Maintenance lifestyle plan (post program)
  • Tips (weight loss, nutrition, exercise)
  • FREE subscription to eLifestyle’s bi-weekly Fit Tip mail-out



Get Fit BWG In The News!

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Payment Options

1. To join the GetFitBWG challenge, contact Leah at, or SIGN UP NOW!


2. Not paying with PayPal? Contact Leah at 905.551.2141 or to choose another option. 


How Prizes Are Awarded:

We don’t want to embarrass anyone with a public weigh-in, so we’ll be using the honor system. We are asking participants to take a picture of themselves and also a picture of their weight on the scale, then continue doing so throughout the challenge on specified dates that will sent out to you along the way.


The winner is the one who loses the most percentage of weight. For example, someone who weighs 400 pounds and loses 40 pounds would tie with someone who is 160 pounds and loses 16 pounds; they both have lost 10% of their body weight.


We are also awarding a prize to the person who has contributed the most to our FB group as of the competition start date!


Checking email:


Be sure to check your inbox and junk mail regularly so you won’t miss any information and updates.




We are dedicated to bringing the community together while changing lives too!


The eLifestyle Team 🙂