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I’m Back Baby!

From nutrition nonsense to exercise and protein intake, we’ve got the tips to get your fitness regimen on point fast so you can see tangible results before the end of the month!


Take a vacation from your fitness efforts this summer? Well, if you’re like most, there’s a good chance you did. Now that your kids are back at school we know you’re pumped to get back into your pre-summer exercise groove and strive towards your weight loss and fitness goals. So here’s how to get going in the right direction.


Streamline Your Exercise Outing for Optimal Results!

eLifestyle Creates Customized Plans.Short of cloning yourself, how can you make the time to take your “better than nothing” style of workouts to the next level? Whether at home, the local gym or outdoors, here’s 3 time-saving, turbo-charged tips to getting it done right…


  1. Plan your exercise routine ahead of training. Standing in front of your equipment scratching your head as to what to do first won’t do you much good where results are concerned. Like anything, good planning saves you time.
  2. Intensify your training. Determine the correct intensity that you need to train at for your level and ability. That means you’ll be pushing yourself along at a rate that challenges you, combined with short rest periods to keep your heart rate up and maximize calorie burning. This is how your body will feel the need to make positive changes while also saving you time. Plus, you’ll have some reassurance that you gave it your best effort, which translates to being on track with hitting your goals.
  3. Perform the RIGHT exercises. Determine a well-rounded program with goal-specific exercises you need to make progress.


Why You Shouldn’t Eat Immediately Before Training

eating-while-exercisingIf you’re the type of person that crams in a quick snack literally just before you’re about to hit your workout, you may want to re-think your nutrition strategy. Here’s 3 best reasons why …


  1. Tug-of-war scenario. On one hand you are asking your body to digest food, and on the other you are expending energy for exercise. The outcome? Both can occur simultaneously, but at a limited capacity – slower digestion and lower energy output.
  2. Digestion issues. A build-up of gas can occur, making your fitness outing much less comfortable.
  3. It takes energy (and blood) to digest the food. When you eat shortly before exercising, you need the energy at two places. Blood is pooled to the stomach for digestion, and it’s also being pulled to working muscles to supply nutrients via the bloodstream. The outcome is that the muscles win and efficient digestions lags.


Pump Up Your Protein

protein-rich-foodProtein is one of the basic building blocks of the human body, yet most people don’t consume enough to meet daily requirements, let alone exercise. Here’s 3 top quick tips to get you on track…


  1. How much do I need? Our protein needs depend on our age, size, and activity level. Professional nutritionists and fitness consultants use a standard method to estimate our minimum daily protein requirement where body weight is multiplied in kilograms by .8, or weight in pounds by .37. Your end number is the number of grams of protein that should be the daily minimum. Therefore, a person weighing 150 lbs. should eat 55 grams of protein per day.
  2. Do I need more protein if I exercise? It is scientific fact that people engaging in endurance exercise (such as long distance running) or medium to high intensity resistance exercise (such as fitness training or body building) can benefit from additional protein in their diets. As a general rule, research suggests 1.2 to 1.4 grams per kilogram of body weight per day for endurance exercisers and 1.7 to 1.8 grams per kg per day for medium to heavy strength training.
  3. What happens if I don’t eat enough protein? Unlike fat and glucose, our body has little capacity to store protein. If we were to stop eating protein, our body would start to break down muscle for its needs within a day or so. So keep your protein intake in check and you’ll greatly enhance the rate in which you meet your weight loss and muscle building goals. You’ll be creating a proper rate of muscle repair and general maintenance which leads to increased body strength, revved up metabolism, and positive overall physical appearance!


I’m Back Baby!

woman-push-upNo matter your fitness goals, don’t waste your time strolling haphazardly around your workout spot. Have an exercise and nutrition plan, hit them hard with dedication and determination, and you’ll get faster results by the end of the month – and that’s an eLifestyle guarantee!

Beat The Heat: Your Summer Holiday Fitness Check List


On-the-go exercise, hydration and nutrition – we’ll help you make the most of your summer holiday fitness endeavors so you can get some head-turning hard-body results this summer!


Summer Holidays Hard Body

canfitpro-certificationThe warm feeling of the sun can provide an encouraging lift in attitude that will help supercharge your exercise efforts, and fresh air is invigorating while vitamin D provided by the sun is an essential nutrient to the body. With that in mind, your summer holidays can be a great time to really nail down your fitness agenda and get some head-turning hard body results. And that solid exercise groove will remain with you as you transition back to your regular work and/ or family life schedule. What’s more, we’ve got some great tips for exercise, packing the right healthy foods while munching on-the-go, plus the 411 on hydration – at home outdoors, the cottage or the local park!


H2O I.Q: Your 411 on Hydration

Drinking WaterWhether you’re swimming, running, cycling, roller blading or fitness training, staying hydrated and maintaining you body’s electrolytes and salt will be key. When you sweat, your body loses not only water, but electrolytes and salt, too. This delicate balance of water and electrolytes is crucial to keep your body functioning properly, so during training it is also important to replenish. In fact, you can make your very own homemade eLifestyle Sport Drink to help you recover quicker!


Poor Hydration Signs & Symptoms

  • Light-headedness
  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea
  • Low energy and stamina
  • Muscle cramping


Meeting Fluid Requirements While Active. During sessions of physical exercise you are creating a much higher demand on your body. Therefore, in order to satisfy your basic fluid requirements, plus the additional demand put forth during sport and exercise, you need to tap into extra water resources. This means increasing water intake by one cup of water about a half hour prior to working out, while also sipping away during exercise. At the end of your workout follow up with an additional cup of water for each half hour you were exercising.


Summer Exercise – Your Take Anywhere Options

1 (2)To take advantage of the good weather, outdoor training is where it’s at. Whether setting up in your backyard, the cottage, or even the local park, you don’t need much. There are a few light, take anywhere pieces of training equipment that will guarantee you get a great full-body workout in the shortest amount of time: TRX Suspension Training (you’ll need a sturdy object to attach from overhead like a tree branch, soccer field net, or kids climbers in the park), Yoga mat, Stability ball (optional).


Snack Pack – 3 Easy Rules

granolaquinoaNo matter your fitness goals, snacking is an essential part of any healthy eating plan. Regular nibbling keeps blood sugar levels stable and can help prevent overeating later in the day. However, benefiting from this plan depends on one crucial variable: the kind of food you put into your mouth. It can be a caloric conundrum if you only count the calories in what you eat as the calorie count of any snack choice is just a number until you compare the make-up of those calories to another. Looking for a solid plan? Check out our popular eTransformation 12-Week Online Weight Loss & Lifestyle Program!


There are three simple rules to follow when mastering your munchies. First, chew down a light sugar-free snack of just 100 to 200 calories. Second, make sure that snack provides balanced nutrition – some carbs, protein, and healthy fats. And three, the serving size you eat depends on your activity level. By comparison, routinely downing a sugar-saturated doughnut may fill the void for the moment, but eventually the sugar crash will zap your energy and beef up your beltline.


Breakfast-Greek-Yoghurt-Berry-Granola-e1369265804984eLifestyle snack suggestion: 6 oz of Greek yogurt with fresh fruit. You’ll get several grams of fiber, 15-20 grams of fast-digesting simple sugar carbs to fuel your engine, plus a hefty 14 grams of protein! Have any time at home, or take on the go.



In The Fast Food Lane

cajun_chicken_wrapNowadays, even fast food restaurants are in tune with a healthy lifestyle by offering salads and fruit on their menus. The produce section and deli at the grocery store offer a variety of grab-and-go options, and plenty of sit down restaurants offer lots of fresh vegetables and fruit options.




eLifestyle Top 3 Fast Food Suggestions: 


1. Sandwich and sub shops. They offer a variety of vegetables to add to your sandwich or eat on the side. Ask if they can use less meat or cheese and add more vegetables. Go easy on the butter, mayonnaise and other high fat sauces.

2. Burger joints. Try one of the entrée salads that many are offering. If you go for the burger, choose a salad or fruit salad side instead of fries. Have 100% fruit juice in place of pop or coffee. And say no to “super sizing” your meal. No one needs that much food all at once.

3. Restaurants. Try one of the entrée salads that many are offering. If you go for the burger, choose a salad or fruit salad side instead of fries. Have 100% fruit juice in place of pop or coffee. And say no to “super sizing” your meal. No one needs that much food all at once. Also, watch your portion sizes. Eat until you’re comfortably full, and then take the rest to go.


No Excuses!

Business Shot - smallMost people plan to exercise outdoors when the good weather hits, but few seldom make that a reality. Don’t fall off the fitness wagon this summer! Your take-anywhere-anytime approach to your training and nutrition will have your fitness interests going full tilt while keeping you on par with your goals. Keeping a variety of training tools on hand that can easily travel with you from your personal home space to the cottage or anywhere on-the-go, will have you turning heads this summer!

Hard Body Summer Shape-Up

TRX, Agility Ladders and more – we’re taking gymless training up a notch so you can shape a tight, toned and super strong physique this summer – outdoors!


Fresh air is invigorating while vitamin D provided by the sun is an essential nutrient to the body. What’s more, the warm feeling of the sun can provide an encouraging lift in attitude that will help supercharge your exercise efforts. So with that in mind, this month we share the latest info on some exceptional take-anywhere equipment options, plus an intense training trio to guarantee stealthy results. So get stoked because we’re thinking outside the “box” by dropping the traditional indoor exercises of free weights and resistance machines to deliver a multi-faceted approach to strength and cardiovascular conditioning – outdoors!


Fit & Functional

Outdoor TrainingEvery rep, every set, every workout, to get the most out of your training you need to be challenged on all three planes of motion: transverse (internal/external rotation), frontal (abduction/adduction), and sagittal ( flexion/extension). These are the three primary planes of motion the body is divided into, and are important because all motion occurs around one of these three planes. No matter your current level of fitness, keeping this knowledge in mind will lead to increased fitness while creating balance and stability over your entire body. This means that you’ll be able to perform the regular functions of your day with more ease.


Military & Sport-Inspired Fitness

Bodyweight FitnessNo matter what you do, body resistance training can be highly effective for use in rehab and sport conditioning. You simply match the type and intensity of each exercise to your specific need.  We’ve listed many great advantages of bodyweight-only training below. Plus, if athletes and the military can build their eye-turning physiques with this style of training, you can too!

Advantages: Increased body awareness, strength, agility, speed, balance, co-ordination, rehab, muscle tone, size and endurance, weight loss, can perform anywhere – indoors or out, serious fun!

So, if you’re ready for a fun and savvy way to get fit, check out the body-tightening trifecta top eLifestyle personal trainer, Robb Armstrong, has assembled in Robb’s Hard Body Connection below. Plus, each exercise also comes complete with required equipment for each of the moves in the three stations!


Robb’s Hard Body Connection

Business Shot - smallHow To: First, find an open space outdoors. For executing the TRX moves you will require a space that has a fixed object like a tree a limb, monkey bars, swing set, etc.

Next, perform each move in the circuit for the duration of 1 minute until the end, taking just 30 seconds max rest between each exercise. After each full circuit, rest for 3 minutes (less if desired) and then continue on for 3 rounds.

TIP: Always brace your torso by contracting your core (back and abdominal muscles) as you perform each move.


Station #1 – TRX: Squat Jumps & Rows Combo (30 sec. each move)

TRX Bands1. Outdoors – Suspend the TRX from a sturdy tree limb, monkey bars, swing set frame, etc.

2. Begin by holding TRX straps, standing in a shoulder-width squat stance.  Slowly lower into a squat (stopping at approx. a 90º at the knee for safety), and quickly jump taking both feet off of the ground.

3. Be sure to land with your feet flat with the majority of weight on your heels, back into a squatting position.


Next, switch to Rows:

1. Holding the TRX handles in each hand, face the anchor point. Standing with both feet close together facing forward, maintain this foot position throughout the exercise.

2. Increasing the angle of your body to add more resistance, pull your body forward by pulling your arms to your side and squeezing your shoulder blades together.

Need some ideas? Get more TRX moves and more from eLifestyle! Squats HERE and Rows HERE!


Station #2 – Equalizer Bars: Push-Ups (30 sec. continuous for this move)

Equilizer Bars1. Set up the Equalizer bars so that the crossbars are parallel and the rubber feet of each bar are touching.

2. Stand facing the bars, your body positioned between them, your feet about two to three feet away from the nearest support.

3. Bend forward and grasp the foam hand holds, then straighten your legs and body so that your body forms a straight line from your heels to your head, your arms fully extended.

4. Bend your elbows and lower your torso toward the bars. When your chest reaches bar-height, press yourself back to the starting position.


Station #3 – 15 Feet Agility Ladder: Hop Scotch Drill (1 min. continuous for this move)

Agility Ladder1. Start with your feet hip width apart at the bottom of the ladder.

2. Jump up with both feet and land on the left foot only in the first square.

3. Immediately push off with your left foot and land with both feet in the second square.

4. Immediately push off with both feet and land on your right foot only.

5. Push off from your right foot and land on both feet.

6. Repeat this pattern for the full length of the ladder.


Big Time Bodyweight Training

To build diversity in your efforts and a bigger circuit with more stations, here’s just a few of the awesome bodyweight fitness-boosting pieces of equipment we used today that you can pull together to up your game:

15 Feet Agility Ladder: Designed to improve speed, agility, co-ordination and overall quickness, the flat rung ladder uses cloth covered weighted slats that stay flat and won’t move during even the toughest quick feet drills!

TRX System – Professional Package: A total body training system that dramatically boosts your fitness level with over 300 exercises. “All Core All The Time”!

Equalizer Bars: Developed for bodyweight strength training in mind, but this versatile set of bars can also be used for cardiovascular training, muscle strength and endurance and stretching.


No Excuses!

Group Outdoor SquatMost people plan to exercise outdoors when the good weather hits, but few seldom make that a reality. Don’t fall off the fitness wagon this summer! Your take-anywhere-anytime approach to your training equipment will greatly advance your fitness level while keeping you on par with your goals. Keeping a variety of training tools on hand that can easily travel with you from your personal home space to the back yard, the cottage, or even the park, will have you super fit – not to mention  turning heads this summer!


Nutrition & Weight Loss Tools

package-name1Exercise alone cannot ensure you’ll hit your goals. You must follow a balanced nutrition program specifically tailored to produce the dramatic results you want. And we have the eTransformation Customized 12-Week Online Weight Loss & Lifestyle Program to make it a reality, fast!