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New Year Resolution Solution – It’s YOUR Year!

Running out of exercise ideas can have you spinning your wheels to start the New Year, but with eLifestyle’s all-season solutions you’ll have a better grip on your nutrition and training resolutions to turn them into your everyday lifestyle!


Fitness resolutions always seem to take center stage after the calorie-laden holidays, and after experiencing some waistline woes most don’t know where to start. Not to worry, at eLifestyle we get it; life is like a ball of fishing line – you drop the ball once and you’re left with a tangled mess to straighten out. That’s where we come in. We have the plan to get you on track to seeing weight loss and exercise results in no time. From quick tips to goal-setting and incredible weight loss and personal Training specials, we’ll make sure your New Year fitness resolutions are tailored to YOU so you can create a sustainable lifestyle, fast!


A Focused Approach – Do It For You And Your Family



If you’ve fallen off the fitness wagon and succumbed to creating more excuses than time for exercise, we’ll start you off with 3 basic tips to power up your routine so you can be the star once more!



1. Dust off your attitude to start shedding the winter pounds!
Use the idea that spring comes quickly as motivation: It’s been proven that what’s out of sight will be out of mind, so avoid that pitfall. Think of 5 good reasons for wanting to look and feel great, write them down and post them where you’ll have a constant reminder that won’t go away. And remember, your kids are learning from you!


2. Shake off the cobwebs with friends who share the same goals!
Get your intensity groove on: Recruit some friends who have the same fitness goals and start up a plan together to walk outdoors (weather permitting) for your cardio sessions. Studies show that when in a group, positive energy is released, creating the desire to do more and stay committed.


3. Go light on your food portions for calorie control!
Like most winter fitness buffs, at the first sign of a snowflake you may have opted to trade in your spinach and chicken salad for heartier, soul-warming meat lasagna. But now, with the cold weather here it’s time to shave the calories to shed the pounds.



Match Your Goals With These 5 Best Tools:

Get Real Results And Take Control Of Your Life

1. Write it down. Although the most basic rule for any worthy endeavor, putting your goals on paper will serve as steady reminder to stay on track. Start by listing your most important goals in order, from losing weight to toning to simply having more energy, that way you’ll be sure to see results with your home gym.


2. Make your goals attainable and realistic. That doesn’t mean you can’t think big, just make sure to break large goals down into smaller bits that you can aim for to successfully conquer along each step of the journey.


3. Make time for research. Discover what you’ll need to match the right equipment with your goals. If you’re looking to improve cardiovascular health, then a stepper, treadmill or cross trainer will be the right ingredient. To bolster strength and muscle tone, a few dumbbells may be sufficient. Better yet, a multi-purpose unit offers the advantage of covering the needs of all muscle groups in the convenience of one machine.


4. Establish your perfect space. Make sure your home workout area is both suitable and comfortable. An area you’ll want to spend time in should be well lit and have optimal space to maneuver while doing exercises that require you to take steps foreword and back.


5. Take in proper nutrition. Simply guessing at what foods are necessary to reach your goals can have you over-eating, under-eating or taking in the wrong types of nutrition altogether.



Goal-Focused Quick Tips

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Training Quick Tip:
Use free weights when you train. Unlike a weighted machine that is fixed in one position, free-weight training is effective in recruiting additional stabilizer muscles to provide balance and coordination during any chosen exercise.


Weight Loss Quick Tip:
Use your cardio machine to its full potential. To stoke your metabolism into high gear, take advantage of all the programs and intensities your treadmill has to offer. If you perceive treadmill training to be quite boring and monotonous, think again. Varying the type of programs and intensities you use on training day will make for a more enjoyable cardio session, not to mention burning a ton more calories than you’re use to. And that means faster results!


Fit Body Fact:
Understanding protein powder supplementation. It can be of great benefit to anyone searching for a safe, easy way to ensure proper nutrition on a busy schedule. The questions are, what are they and what do you look for?

Check out this informative article by Men’s Health: “The Best Whey Protein Powder for You.” Click here to check out the full article.



Fitness & Weight Loss Specials: Cut The Excuses, Cut The Fat!

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Give It Your All

Give It Your All

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Get Real Results With Balanced Nutrition

Get Real Results With Balanced Nutrition

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Fitness Package Promotion

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Plan ahead now and get in shape BEFORE your New Year’s resolution fizzles away!

Indulge Without The Bulge!

Everything In Moderation

Injecting the festive mood into your holidays can be just what you need after working so hard. So we’ve hung a few timely tips under the social mistletoe to keep you sane and without the gain!


Like most of us, you look forward to the winter holiday season to be with family and friends or head out on vacation to escape the cold weather. And like us, you want to be able to enjoy your break by taking in social events and entertainment. Problem is some aren’t always sure how to balance out pleasure with pace. With so much we want to do in such a small window of time, we often look back after the holidays and wonder how the heck we gained that mysterious 10lbs? Have no fear because we have a variety of timely tips to have you prepared a head of time, so you can indulge without the bulge this festive season!


Balance Is Key

No matter how you choose to celebrate, there are countless tips to suit your needs when it comes to staying on track with your nutrition and fitness goals. The key, as always, is balance in your approach. Check out or Festive 5 below…


Festive 5

1. Drink plenty of water. Though something everyone should do year round, doing so will actually help suppress your appetite and limit cravings over and above regular healthy meals and snacks.

2. Limit alcohol consumption. Remember that alcohol contains almost as many calories per gram as fat! Also, when choosing a mix, opt for soda water as tonic water is actually loaded with sugar!

3. Snack on fruits, vegetables and high-fiber foods whenever possible. Dried fruits are healthy and a good alternative to many sweet snacks such as cookies and candy.

4. Understand that you’re probably going to miss some workouts during this time and plan now to work around it. Schedule different times or substitute another activity, even if it’s at home.

5. Eat a nutritious meal or snack before you attend events or parties where there is a lot of food. Treat it as if going grocery shopping on a full stomach. You won’t be tempted as much if your tank is nearly full.


Portion Control

You don’t necessarily need to forgo some of your favorite festive goodies if you exercise a little portion control. Here’s five great tips to follow when size matters.


Keep Calm And Control Your Portions

  1. Fill half of your plate with veggies. This will fill you more quickly and leave less room for higher calorie foods.
  2. Use familiar items in your mind to measure portions. While choosing meat, imagine a deck of cards. That will be about 3oz. For carbs like potatoes, for example, imagine a tennis ball.
  3. Go easy on gravies and sauces. Unknowingly to you, these generally hold considerable amounts of unwanted fat and calories.
  4. Start with a small serving and pace yourself. Enjoy the food and give it time to settle while sipping away on some water. This will help you feel more satisfied.
  5. Notice your body’s cues. When you begin to feel full, it’s time to stop.


Training Quick Tip:

You can’t offset poor food choices with extra ab crunches! Don’t get suckered in by thinking more ab exercises will cancel out your consumption of holiday treats because you cannot spot-reduce. You won’t feel guilty if you enjoy your treats while not going overboard.


Weight Loss Quick Tip:

Keep your goals in check! The holidays aren’t a free pass to chow down at will. Staying on track with your goals will offset the downward spiral of post-holiday depression caused by poor eating choices.


Enjoy the Holidays

Remember that a major key to building a healthy mindset towards nutrition and exercise in social situations or on vacation is that you MUST have a sensible approach. It’s ok to indulge, but exercising balance will be key in avoiding any post-holiday bulge!


Happy Holidays!



Holiday Prep – Why You Need To Start Your Fitness Plan NOW!

Get Real Results And Take Control Of Your Life

This month we give you some great tips to help you stay on track when the upcoming season of laxed diet and exercise programs can threaten to put your fitness and nutrition in a deep freeze.


Holiday Health & Fitness Prep – Start Now. You’ll Be Glad You Did!

At eLifestyle, we get it. It’s a super busy time of year with so much on the go. However, like any other thing that is important in your life, having a plan ready ahead of time will really take the pressure off. What’s more, your fitness efforts during the hectic holidays can yield some serious

eLifestyle Creates Customized Plans.

eLifestyle Creates Customized Plans

yuletide surprises if you prioritize your winter workouts and your nutrition before hand. This month we’ve got a few gift-wrapped solutions to help you cruise with ease through the holidays while keeping your fitness and nutrition on track!


A Healthy Approach

In order to amp up your holiday health meter, focus on ways to improve your fitness both inside and out. You’ll make great strides by first learning your personal dietary needs and then adding some form of fitness like running/jogging, Yoga, Pilates, and/or a balanced resistance training program, etc.


Fitness Food Factor

eLifestyle Nutrition Covers All Your Needs

eLifestyle Covers All Your Nutrition Needs

In order for your nutrition to match your ambition, you’ll need to fine-tune your eating routine by setting out an easy-to-follow system of quick go-to meals like this one. First and foremost is timing – and it’s a real science. As a matter of fact, there are two times in your day when nutrition counts the most: right off the hop in the A.M. and then post-workout. While your morning meal can ensure that adequate glycogen stores (the source of energy most often used for exercise) are available for optimal performance and focus to start your day, the post-exercise meal is critical to recovery and improves your ability to train consistently.

To keep the rest of the day on track, the right combination of carbs, proteins and fats eaten at regular intervals throughout the day will ensure energy levels are kept high. Skipping meals will only zap your energy when you least expect it, not to mention actually slowing your metabolism over time rather than revving it up as intended! Healthy snacks eaten between meals will stabilize your blood sugar levels so you won’t experience energy “highs” and “lows.” What’s more, accepting your diet and exercise modifications as permanent lifestyle choices will ensure you’ll be more successful at keeping the weight off. Follow this plan and you’ll be taking a couple notches of your belt in no time!


eLifestyle’s Top 10 Bulge Beaters

It’s been proven that during the festive holiday season the average person will gain 7-8 pounds as a result of indulging more and exercising less. By following our ten best tips to defeating temptation, you’ll be sure to maintain your holiday motivation!

eLifestyle is Your Fitness & Nutrition Hotline!

eLifestyle Is Your Fitness & Nutrition Help Hotline!


1. Drink plenty of water. Though something everyone should do year round, doing so will actually help suppress your appetite.
2. Limit alcohol consumption. Remember that alcohol contains almost as many calories per gram as fat!
3. Snack on fruits, vegetables and high-fiber foods whenever possible. Dried fruits are healthy and a good alternative to many sweet snacks such as cookies and candy.
4. Understand that you’re probably going to miss some workouts during this time and plan now to work around it. Schedule different times or substitute another activity, even if it’s at home.
5. Enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. Bundle up and take the dog for a walk, and try skating or sledding with the kids. Squeezing any extra activity into your schedule helps.
6. Eat a nutritious meal or snack before you attend events or parties where there is a lot of food. Treat it as if going grocery shopping on a full stomach. You won’t be tempted as much if your tank is nearly full.
7. Don’t stay out too late. Adequate sleep is an important component for healthy weight loss and maintenance.
8. Try in-home personal training. It combines education and motivation with cardio and resistance-training opportunities in the safety and privacy of your own home, and is essential to maintaining a healthy way of life. If you’re thinking about getting into a healthy routine, fall is a great time to sign up with eLifestyle!
9. If you currently work with a trainer, don’t put your training sessions on hold. Getting out of contact with your key motivator for exercise is proven to get you out of the groove with your goals.
10. Keep your stress levels low. Like most things in life, balance, variety and moderation apply to holiday celebrations as well. Spend time with family and friends and enjoy the holidays.


BONUS TIP: Give yourself the gift of fitness and nutrition with eLifestyle’s most popular 12-Week eTransformation Online Weight Loss & Lifestyle Program!


Waistline Watchdog

Keeping a close eye on the make-up of your calorie intake will keep the pounds off and energy levels running full-tilt. Check out the three valuable take-anywhere tips below.

  1. Carb Control: If part or even your entire primary goal is weight loss, do not consume fast-digesting carbs later in the evening or night unless you exercise in the evening.
  2. Portion Control: When on the go, memorize approximate portion guidelines, such as a serving of meat is the size of a deck of cards, for example.
  3. Processed Foods: Strictly control consumption to reduce/control sodium intake, improve functioning of your digestive system, and reduce risk of certain cancers.


Holiday Hangover

Don’t let your fitness program suffer a holiday hangover this season by waiting until the New Year

Create A Plan For Success!

Create A Plan For Success!

to change things up. Making it a balanced lifestyle choice can guarantee measurable success when you plan ahead!


Happy Holidays!