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eLifestyle 31-Day Abs Challenge

Get Ripped Abs By Summer’s End!


When there are too many options to fill your summer fun schedule, your exercise ambition can slowly begin to fizzle out. So to ignite your fitness fire before summer’s end, we’ve put together a do-anywhere, multi-exercise eLifestyle Abs Challenge! This mid-section makeover utilizes four killer core moves that will easily transition you from basic to intermediate to advanced ability over the course of 31 days through August, including rests days.


Win a $150 eLifestyle Prize Pack!

How? Take part in the eLifestyle 31-Day Abs Challenge and follow us on our Facebook page where you’ll see the post for details on how to win a $150 eLifestyle Prize Pack!

BONUS: We’ll be including some simple video clips to guide you along with form and technique so you can be sure to get strong, ripped six-pack abs in just 31 days!


Note: This blog post is one week behind, so just carry on with the challenge one week extra to complete the 31 days of the challenge.


Robb Armstrong, eLifestyle Owner/ Personal Trainer/ Director of Marketing


Click the link below to view and print the Abs Challenge PDF!

Abs Challenge PDF