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Burn MORE Fat Fast With Your Cardio Workout!

Take the weight off your shoulders – and your waistline – with a worry-free, kick-butt approach to combating cardio confusion when you train.


From walking and running to indoor machine training, cardiovascular exercise is an essential part of the fat-burning equation in any training program, yet most of my clients are equally split as to their love for cardio. While half prefer it over resistance training, the other half avoids it, preferring just their resistance training. On both sides it’s a struggle for balance.


Cardio Kick-Start

fitness-woman-6If you have trouble getting started, perceive cardio sessions in general to be quite boring and monotonous, or feel enough results will eventually come without additional cardio, there is an answer! Switching it up from your usual basic manual level option on your treadmill or elliptical session is a great place to start. Trying out the different types of program and intensity options on your machine will help you get the most out of your cardio workout. Better yet, it will hold your interest longer and you’ll burn a ton more calories than you’re use to – and that means winning the battle of the bulge!


Stoke Your Fat Burning Fire

To successfully turn your body’s metabolism into a fat-burning inferno you need three things.

  1. A hard-hitting plan with the right fat-burning cardio techniques to ensure you’re maximizing the time spent.
  2. You’ll need to burn more calories than you’re taking in on a daily basis.
  3. Some great program options.


3 Tips For Choosing The Right Cardio Program

Wandering aimlessly around the gym or your personal home fitness space trying to figure out what to do next is one big reason so many people see little results, if any. Your ticket to getting the most out of your cardio sessions rests in choosing the right program.

eLifestyle Creates Customized Plans.

eLifestyle Creates Customized Plans.

You need:

  1. A time-efficient, dynamic workout that utilizes all the programs and intensities your cardio piece has to offer.
  2. A workout tweaked for your specific fat-burning goals, limitations and ability to keep you focused and produce fast results.
  3. A no-fail program that uses an initial three-week timetable.


To stoke your metabolism into high gear, your program should include:

  • A warm-up, cool-down and stretching
  • A challenging mix of intensities – forward, backwards and side-stepping
  • Hill climbs, speed and recovery intervals


2 Top Cardio Workouts to Burn MORE Calories & Torch Body Fat Fast!

_DSC1689-21. Push-Pull Super Strokes can really roar up your heart rate while engaging rear and posterior muscles of the upper body at the same time. Of course, doing so will further spur on additional calorie expenditure.

Method: Focus on pulling with power for a pre-determined amount of time. Then do the same on a reverse approach, focusing on pushing with the same intensity.


2. 12-Minute Mash-Ups really tax your ticker while forcibly working muscle fibers to their max at the same time during this circuit-style approach.

Method (Inserted into the mid-point of your cardio session): Focus on upper body by pushing for 3 minutes on an incline of level 5, then on pulling for 3 minutes going in reverse at level 5. Next, still at level 5, focus on lower body only by using your legs and core muscles to balance, striding forward for 3 minutes, then finishing off by doing the same, but this time in reverse.


Walking Wise  – Performing At The Right Intensity 

If walking is your thing, make sure you’re upping your pace from week to week until you reach a brisk stride that elevates your heart rate in a way that still allows you to have a conversation. (Your perceived amount of exertion should feel about 70-75% of your maximum level of effort.) This is how you’ll ensure calorie burning will be maximized while still remaining within the high end of your ability.


Safety 4-Play – From Tread to Trail

tieing-shoe-stock-photoWhen beginning any type of exercise, be it cardio machines or trail walking:

  1. Maintain a realistic approach to your ability and your goals.
  2. Start off in a light manner and progress naturally.
  3. Always include a light warm-up and stretch to avoid injury.
  4. If you have any physical or medical concerns, consult with your medical professional; don’t wait until after you’re injured!


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Beating Your Winter Waistline Woes

With the dreary winter season fast approaching, cold temperatures and darker days threaten to drain our will to focus on fitness goals. What’s more, unwanted wait gain can creep up slowly making it even harder to resume efforts later on if we fall of the wagon. With cardiovascular exercise being an essential part of the fat-burning equation – one that really doesn’t have to demand a lot of your time – it’s time to stay focused and beat your winter waistline woes!