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From Winter Blahs to Exercise Ahas!

Post-New Year resolutions can fizzle out fast when your focus fades. However, with February poised as the official countdown to Spring, it’s time to renew your zest for fitness and weight loss so you can trim weight, drop inches and build a lean, sculpted body – all in time for beach season!


Hitting the Fitness Recharge Button

This time of year the winter blahs can creep in when the temperature drops and daylight dwindles. And if your New Year goal of getting up bright and early to hit the gym at 6am before work has fizzled out, we’ve got some great food and cardio tips to hit the recharge button and fast-track your success.


Nutrition Makeover

Broccoli-Tofu-Red-Pepper-Stir-FryWhen your fitness focus begins to fizzle out, comfort food can often start to replace the balanced nutrition plan you organized to complement your new 2016 exercise plan. Thankfully the trend of the crash diet is out and personalized nutrition plans are in. And there are some great meal prep options that can fit seamlessly into your day that can provide you with the balanced calories needed: fuel for energy, muscle repair and maintenance, and to maximize calorie burning. What’s more, we chose our top five online easy food faves suitable for any time of the day. They require little prep, taste great, and are easy on the beltline. Best of all, you’ll know you’re reaching for the right stuff to munch down instead of a calorie-laden quick-fix.


Top 5 Online Easy Food Faves

Kitchen Is Open1. Cheese, Vegetable & Egg Muffins –

2. Breakfast Quesadilla with Cheese, Spinach & White Beans –

3. Cinnamon Whole Grain Power Pancakes –

4. 5 Minute Breakfast Burrito –

5. Gluten-Free Carrot Cake Breakfast Cookies –


Want more healthy lifestyle recipe ideas that save time, money and taste amazing? Check out our full eLifestyle recipe section HERE.


Burn Baby, Burn!

_DSC1689-2Cardio can torch calories and carve muscle at the same time!

Cardiovascular exercise is an essential part of the fat-burning equation. Plus, the way in which you leverage your body on your treadmill, elliptical or cross trainer will dictate how you’ll stimulate total body muscle recruitment at the same time. This two-in-one approach will dramatically enhance overall results. Inject some tactical techniques into your cardio regiment by switching up your program modes as well as types of resistance (elevation, direction and body position) during your workout. Want to guarantee fast results? Follow the cardio training tips below with our Cardio & Muscle Training Trifecta.


Cardio & Muscle Training Trifecta


1. Power Grade will have you elevate to bigger results by adding varying degrees of incline to your elliptical workout. It’s the uphill battle you want to engage in!

Method: Periodically over the span of your cardio session, insert an elevation change to throw your body off of its steady course, forcing it into an accelerated fat-burning mode.

2. Push-Pull Super Strokes can really roar up your heart rate while engaging rear and posterior muscles of the upper body at the same time. Of course, doing so will further spur on additional calorie expenditure.

Method: Focus on pulling with power for a pre-determined amount of time. Then do the same on a reverse approach, focusing on pushing with the same intensity.

3. Heel Pull-Backs put your hamstrings under steady fire. In most strength training outings, the quadriceps that make up the anterior (front) thigh muscles are most often trained in isolation. This leaves the hard-to-hit posterior (rear) hamstring muscles out of sync to provide a balance of strength and flexibility.

Method: While in a forward motion, focus on pulling with your heel on the foot pedal during each stride, and minimally with your arms. This works to isolate your hamstrings to keep you moving at a good pace.


Me, Myself & I

Take Control Of Your Life IconYou’re accountable to yourself make it happen. Putting yourself first doesn’t mean sacrificing work, family or friends. It’s all about balance and finding the right weight loss and lifestyle program. In fact, the “right” program is one that makes you feel good, revs your energy, and keeps you looking forward to each new day because you’re seeing results. Better yet, we can help! Hire an eLifestyle Personal Trainer. We’ll take out all of the guesswork and create the perfect customized program for guaranteed fastest and safest results, no matter your goal or timeline.


Happy training!