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Power Up Your Core

Channel the summer vibe with an ab-focused attack using our top 5 core-strengthening tips!


The Core of the Matter

Your core or trunk – made up of muscles of the transversus abdominis, lumbar multifidus, diaphragm and pelvic floor – not only surrounds your spine acting as a brace to provide maximum stability, but also plays a vital role in communication with your central nervous system and brain. In addition to enhancing overall strength, improving these functional muscle groups leads to a better quality of everyday life, injury prevention and reduction of chronic back pain.


Fit To the Core

Whether you’re new to the topic of core stability, you’ve already been educated during injury rehab, or you’re active in sport and fitness, nowadays the growing awareness of core health is no secret. With no successful fitness program being complete without it, the importance of adding abdominal exercises into your workouts reaches far beyond just aiding your fitness program – it’s also an integral part of adding strength and power too. So for this reason, we’ve assembled five mid-section must-haves: 3 top training tools and 2 top training principles to power up your core this summer. Check them out below!


Top Training Tools


1. TRX Suspension Training

One of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment available, it’s design allows for complete bodyweight-only training that centers around building your core strength, no matter your fitness level. As you quickly improve your overall fitness ability you’ll move from basic, functional training moves all the way to dynamic, explosive training techniques. Plus, you can take it anywhere; use it at the park, cottage, home, or bring it with you to the gym!


2. Weighted Balls

Versatile and fun to use, weighted balls come in a variety of sizes, shapes and weights that you can take anywhere you choose. Plus, they will absorb high velocity impact, making for a fun and vigorous workout.


3. Band-Tastic!

From stretches to resistance exercises, bands are a 100% no-impact guarantee. Resistance bands are light-weight, durable, and come in a variety of tensions to match their intended use. For elderly or overweight individuals, bands are ideal as they can be used without moving all body parts or needing to support full body weight.


Top Training Principles


4. Breathing

Technique: Focus on breathing out on exertion (the “push” part of the movement), and breathing in when returning to rest (the “relaxed” part of the movement).
Result: This leads to better control over abdominal muscles so you’re able to maintain control of your midsection at any time. Therefore, you’ll be able to better isolation the core muscles which leads to better,  quicker results.


5. “Squeeze” Each Repetition

Technique: For every repetition be sure to pause briefly each time.
Result: A mind-to-muscle connection is created that over time enables more control over your muscles. Plus, you’ll better understand what you should feel while performing a given exercise in the correct manner.


Define Your Plan!

eLifestyle Customizes All Plans.

eLifestyle Customizes All Plans.

To avoid learning bad habits and poor technique, don’t build your exercise repertoire through randomly watching others. There are many people who may look like they know what they are doing when in fact they don’t. Best practice is to consult with an educated (and certified) fitness professional from eLifestyle. They will have the knowledge and resources to build an exercise and nutrition plan that is customized for your abilities and incorporates all the training tools needed, no matter your fitness level, interests, or weight loss goal!