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Get Fit To The Core, Fast!

Believe in yourself and start improving your health today

It’s fun to twist, crunch, plank and more, but when it comes to overall health, there’s additional cause to protect the state of your core.


The Core of the Matter

Whether you’ve learned about the topic of core stability during injury rehab or you’re a sport and fitness fanatic, nowadays the growing awareness of core health is no secret. With no successful fitness program being complete without it, the importance of adding stability and strength reaches far beyond just aiding your fitness program – it’s also an integral part of protecting the state of your health and wellness too.


Trunk Talk

Your core or trunk – made up of muscles of the transversus abdominis, lumbar multifidus, diaphragm and pelvic floor – not only surround your spine acting as a brace to provide maximum stability, but also play a vital role in communication with your central nervous system and brain. In addition to enhancing sports performance, the strengthening of these functional muscle groups leads to the improvement of everyday life, injury prevention and reduction of chronic back pain.


Balance Your Midsection

You can boast that you can do 1000 crunches with ease, but if your technique is lagging, you shouldn’t be bragging! When it comes to re-tooling your fitness program for faster results, increasing your core strength and stability with a balanced training plan will help you reach your ab-solute best. For a little fun and added intensity, try the two techniques below in our Core Quick-Picks.


Core Quick-Picks

1. TRX Suspension Training

Core apparatus: More than just the most versatile piece of exercise equipment available; it’s a complete bodyweight-only training system that systematically launches any user from basic, functional training moves all the way to dynamic, explosive training techniques.

Core benefit: Its unique design squeezes every ounce of strength, power and stability from every muscle fibre on your body at the same time, with all exercises built around your core!

2. Double BOSU Push-Ups

Core apparatus: Add some pep to your traditional push-ups using two BOSU’s at the same time – one BOSU on its flat surface down with your toes on top, and your hands grasping the sides of the other BOSU with flat side up.

Core benefit: Dramatically enhances upper-body strength and core balance and stability at the same time.


Crunch Time

Don’t leave your core training until time is down to the crunch. Regularly exercising the muscles of your midsection during each training session will force muscles to move and shift in different ways. This provides more strength for functional (day-to-day) body movements by adding maximum stability to your abdominals and low back, and thus preventing injury. And yes, having a great looking six-pack won’t hurt either!


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