Top Tips For a Super-Fit Home Body!

If your goal is to get slim and trim but time for exercise is looking grim, get super-fit by training in your own home gym!


Home gyms have become ever more popular due to the level of convenience they offer. And outfitting a home gym with the right accessories can play an important role in how you meet your personal fitness goals – not to mention avoiding the madness of the local workout joint. Here’s our top 5 fit-tastic tools to get you organized …

5 Tools for Total Home Training

Match your goals with the right tools …


1. Write it down. Although the most basic rule for any worthy endeavor, putting your goals on paper will serve as a steady reminder to stay on track. Start by listing your most important goals in order, from losing weight to toning to simply having more energy, that way you’ll be sure to see results with your home gym.


2. Make your goals attainable and realistic. That doesn’t mean you can’t think big, just make sure to break large goals down into smaller bits that you can aim for to successfully conquer along each step of the journey.


3. Make time for research. Discover what you’ll need to match the right equipment with your goals. If you’re looking to improve cardiovascular health, then a stepper, treadmill or cross trainer will be the right ingredient. To bolster strength and muscle tone, a few dumbbells may be sufficient. Better yet, a multi-gym unit or Functional Trainer, as they are commonly known, offers the advantage of covering the needs of all muscle groups in the convenience of one machine. Plus, when you hire a certified in-home personal trainer from eLifestyle you’ll learn all the exercise tips, form and techniques to accelerate your training results! or


4. Establish your perfect space. The spot you choose to serve as your home workout area has to be both suitable and comfortable. An area you’ll want to spend time in should be well lit and have optimal space to maneuver while doing exercises that require you to take steps foreword and back. Contact us for our in-home personal training rates!


5. Take in proper nutrition. Simply guessing at what foods are necessary to reach your goals can have you over-eating, under-eating or taking in the wrong types of nutrition altogether. Consult with a fitness and lifestyle expert from eLifestyle to help you construct the ideal nutrition plan to meet your individual health and fitness requirements.


Bonus Tip: Discover the right fitness equipment tools to match your goals. From Steppers to stability balls, eLifestyle can help you with equipment ideas and a customized personal training package that will cover all your fitness needs!


Plus, when you’re in a pinch or need a boost to get your exercise rhythm in sync with your goals, drop in to our eLifestyle Fitness Studio — Location & Current Schedule.


Training Quick Tip

Hire an In-Home Personal Trainer from eLifestyle! Saving precious time in your hectic schedule can leave more time for family. Having a personal trainer come to your home can get you head-turning results in a fraction of the time. Plus, you save on costly gym memberships, gas, driving time, parking, and the equipment is supplied if needed! or contact Leah:

Weight Loss Quick Tip

Consistency is key. Like any body part, sculpting tight, toned abs takes time and diligence. So plan ahead. Incorporate all muscle groups, not just your midsection when you train because you cannot “spot reduce.” Revealing each toned muscle along with your abs is a result of consistently burning more calories than you consume daily throughout each week. Check out our previous blog on getting great abs fast —


Fit Body Fact

Don’t neglect your micronutrient needs. Micronutrients play an important role in energy production, hemoglobin synthesis, maintenance of bone health, adequate immune function, and protection of the body against oxidative damage. They assist with synthesis and repair of muscle tissue during recovery from exercise and injury. Exercise stresses many of the metabolic pathways where micronutrients are required, and exercise training may result in muscle biochemical adaptations that increase micronutrient needs. Routine exercise may also increase the turnover and loss of these micronutrients from the body. As a result, greater intakes of micronutrients may be required to cover increased needs for building, repair, and maintenance of lean body mass in athletes.

Where more intense exercise regimens are apparent, the most common vitamins and minerals found to be of concern are calcium and vitamin D, the B vitamins, iron, zinc, magnesium, as well as some antioxidants such as vitamins C and E, β-carotene, and selenium.


What’s more, to enhance performance and recovery during and post-exercise, check out the eLifestyle Sports Drink Recipe —


Happy Training!

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