Abs, Abs, Abs!

This week we’re putting your abs on blast so you can get the results this winter that will be sure to last.

Blast Off!

There’s no tricks or gimmicks involved in a true ab-defining plan. And the key word here is “plan,” so we’ll get to that in a moment. But first, once you take the fitness fluff out of the mix like ridiculous (and dangerous) cleansing protocols, juice-only options, and caffeine-laden “fat burning” supplements saturating the quick-fix market today, you’re left with what’s really been proven to work – proper nutrition and exercise!


Your 3 Ab-Defining Plan Must-Haves

All exercise enthusiasts have a different means to achieving their exercise goals. If you tend to be the type who builds your exercise repertoire through watching random others, you may want to rethink your strategy.

To avoid learning bad habits and poor technique, best practice is to consult with an educated (and certified) fitness professional to build a plan that is:


  1. Customized for your abilities. This way you’ll be sure they have the knowledge to properly instruct you on the exercises best suited for you.
  2. Phased approach. Your trainer will be able to set the right course and outline the progression of exercises and intensities to come as you progress along your plan.
  3. Nutritional guidance. Your trainer will be able to get your nutritional habits on point so you’ll be sure to not only make great progress in terms of your core health – strength and conditioning – but in managing weight loss too (if required) to reveal your hard work in sculpting a tight, toned midsection.


2 Core Tips to Tone & Tighten:

  1. Breathing. Focus on breathing out on exertion (the “push” part of the movement), and breathing in when returning to rest (the “relaxed” part of the movement).

Result: This leads to better control over abdominal muscles so you’re able maintain control of your midsection at any time. This leads to better isolation of the core muscles so you’ll achieve better, faster results.


  1. Squeeze each repetition. For every repetition be sure to pause briefly each time.

Result: A mind-to-muscle connection is created that over time enables more control over your muscles. Plus, you’ll better understand what you should feel while performing a given exercise in the correct manner.


Training Quick Tip

Core stability is mental too.

Proper core stability needs to be developed through exercises that groove motor patterns to ensure a stable spine during movement.


Weight Loss Quick Tip

You CAN NOT spot-reduce belly fat!

Just simply performing abdominal exercises will not burn the unwanted fat from this problem area. You actually need to perform structured exercises for each muscle group and add in proper nutrition with a cardio regime. This will allow you to burn more calories than you are consuming daily, leading to weight loss and reduced inches in all areas!


Cardio Quick Tip

Intensity is key.

Higher repetitions and little rest between each ab move allows for a great caloric expenditure and cardiovascular output which leads to a higher level of not only core fitness, but heart health as well.


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