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Top 3 Ways to Supercharge Your Weight Loss in 2015!

Spinning your fitness wheels to start the New Year? Get a grip on your weight loss trip fast with 3 supercharged ways that will put you in the right gear to tackle the New Year.

Over the years we’ve created many successful programs that have helped individuals and families lead healthy, sustainable lifestyles. This week, we want to get right to the point by giving you our 3 most successful ways to guarantee you’ll make your New Year’s goals a reality.

1. Online Weight Loss Program!

This is the 12-week plan you need to supercharge your metabolism and change your body and your lifestyle, fast!



  • Lose Weight
  • Tone Up
  • Build Lean Muscle
  • Build Strength
  • Cut Cravings
  • Boost Energy
  • Build Confidence
  • Live Longer, Feel Great!


This Custom 12-Week Online Weight Loss, Exercise and Lifestyle Package is tailored to your lifestyle!


EACH WEEK participants will receive a personalized:

  • Diet
  • Menu
  • Shopping list
  • Workout plan (one time)
  • Equipment prescription (one time)
  • Maintenance lifestyle plan (post program)
  • Tips (weight loss, nutrition, exercise)
  • FREE subscription to eLifestyle’s bi-weekly Fit Tip mail-out
  • On-going personal support and coaching for the entire 12 weeks
  • Access to our exclusive eLifestyle Facebook Group!



2. Personal Training!

With our Customized In-Home Personal Training Packages you’ll start getting results fast!

The eLifestyle customized one-on-one model provides individuals with the training, education and motivation to produce steady and sustainable results for all fitness, health and wellness goals.
We customize a training package that meets your needs, time frame and budget, for fastest results.


Contact Leah: email to or Call: 416.841.2196


3. Gyros Gymnastics Club – eLifestyle Adult & Youth Fitness

Our eLifestyle Fitness Studio is located at:

73 Samor Road, Unit #2
Toronto, ON, M6A 1J2

Ample parking in the rear
Open to the public


For a current class schedule click here:


You can sign up for a class(s) at any time and day(s) you prefer.

Send an email to or Call Leah – 416.841.2196

In-person with Leah and Robb at Gyros in the fitness studios (located towards the back doors behind the gymnastics floor).

Bring a friend! (Also open to anyone outside of Gyros!)

Drop-Ins Welcome too!


BONUS OFFER: Register for 2 or more classes and receive a 10% discount! (Applied after the first class. Not applicable to Drop-Ins.)


Happy Holidays!

Core Crazy

Core Crazy

You can go crazy trying to crunch, twist and even use machines to target your core, so when it comes to tightening your midsection, good form should be the norm.

Care for Your Core

Developing core stability is accomplished not only through strengthening certain abdominal muscles, but also training various muscles of the trunk to be strong together during movement. Fact is, muscles around the trunk region work in teams to stabilize and move specific joints in various complex movements. That being said, your abdominal training should be specific to your goals and also address issues surrounding your present physical health.

Being aware that maintaining core health can limit injury and provide physical longevity as you age will have you being one step closer to aging more gracefully.

Perfect Your Technique

All exercise enthusiasts aren’t created equal. If you tend to be the type who builds your exercise repertoire through watching random others, you may want to rethink your strategy.

To avoid learning bad habits and poor technique, best practice is to consult with an educated professional. You can learn online, from training staff at the local gym, or better yet, hire a certified personal trainer from eLifestyle! You’ll be assured they are fit, fully certified, and have the knowledge and ability to properly teach and instruct.

With no successful fitness or exercise program being complete without it, the importance of core stability reaches far beyond just aiding your fitness program by actually determining the state of your health and wellness too. Check out the 5 Core Crazy tips below!


5 Core Crazy Tips To Tone & Tighten

Whatever the state of your core, we can help you reach your goals fast. So don’t panic. eLifestyle’s surefire tips will act as your emergency hotline for defining a tight, head-turning midsection this winter!


1. Breathing. Focus on breathing out on exertion (the “push” part of the movement), and breathing in when returning to rest (the “relaxed” part of the movement).

Result: This leads to better control over abdominal muscles so you’re able maintain control of your midsection at any time.

2. Squeeze each repetition. For every repetition be sure to pause briefly each time.

Result: A mind-to-muscle connection is created that over time enables more control over your muscles. Plus, you’ll better understand what you should feel while performing your core exercises.

3. Make ab training your prime objective whenever you train. Most people treat abdominal training as a mere after thought, hitting them for only a couple of easy sets at the end of their workout or cardio session then calling it a day.

4. Eat the right way to a great six-pack, don’t drink it. It’s no coincidence that those who adhere to proper diet and nutrition are the same ones who have rock-hard abs when it counts! So don’t try to trim up by following some fancy Hollywood juice diet.

5. Choose and perform ab exercises that are challenging. Bragging that you can do 1000 sit-ups each session implies that they’re far too easy. If they did work, hey, you’d have great abs, right?


Down to the Crunch

Remember, when it comes to re-tooling your fitness program for faster results surrounding core health, increasing your core strength and stability to it’s ab-solute best will help guarantee your success – and your health!


Have Weight Loss Goals?

Having a solid plan for your abdominal training is just ONE important part of the weight loss equation. If you want to reveal the abs you once had and need but don’t know where to start? We have the perfect CUSTOMIZED plan to deliver real, sustainable results — the eTransformation Weight Loss & Lifestyle Program!