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Burn Fat Fast With Your Cardio Workout!

Cardio Kick-Start

Take the weight off your shoulders – and your waistline – with eLifestyle’s worry-free, kick-butt approach to combating cardio confusion when you train!

Winter Waistline Warfare

With the winter season upon us, cold temperatures and darker days tend to drain our will to focus on fitness goals. What’s more, with so much time off until spring arrives, unwanted wait gain can creep up slowly making it even harder to resume efforts later on. With cardiovascular exercise being an essential part of the fat-burning equation – one that really doesn’t have to demand a lot of your time – it’s time to wage war on your waistline woes!

Stoke Your Fat Burning Fire

If you’re having difficulty getting/ staying motivated and/or perceive cardio sessions to be quite boring and monotonous, think again. Creating an easy-to-follow action plan with some simple and effective trimming tools will be your most effective waistline weaponry. And as you stoke your fat-burning fire you’ll burn a ton more calories in the shortest amount of time. Check out our three top tips from the eLifestyle playbook below!

To successfully turn your body’s metabolism into a fat-burning inferno this winter you need the trimming trifecta from eLifestyle’s weight loss playbook:


  1. A hard-hitting plan with the right calorie-crunching cardio techniques to ensure you’ll be maximizing the time you spend at your cardio activity.
  2. You must aim to burn more calories than you’re munching down on daily.
  3. You’ll need the most dependable, customized fitness and weight loss program you can find.

The Right Program Is Here!

Re-tooling your fitness and weight loss regimen is simple – get eLifestyle’s 12-week eTransformation program! It’s the most efficient way of getting all the nutritional guidance and support needed to be a success. Plus, to fast-track your weight loss goals, you’ll receive a time-efficient, dynamic exercise and cardio plan customized for your specific fat-burning goals. This way remaining focused and seeing fast results will be easy!


Cardio Fat-Blast Tip: To have the best advantage at staying focused, make your cardio choice one you like. If you’re a cardio newbie, we’ll help you construct a no-fail program by using an initial three-week timetable. This method will allow you to adjust your personal schedule and allow for consistency and ease into your program. In addition, switching up your cardio options along with the types of programs and intensities you use on training day will help you get the most out of your cardio workout. There are a few must-have’s in your program …


Your Tummy-Tightening Program Should Include:

  • A warm-up, cool-down and stretching
  • A challenging mix of intensities – forward, backwards and side-stepping
  • Hill climbs, speed and recovery intervals

Walk Wise

If walking is your thing, make sure you’re upping your pace from week to week until you reach a brisk stride that elevates your heart rate in a way that even while working you will still be able to have a conversation. What does this mean? This translates to your perceived amount of exertion feeling about 70-75% of your maximum level of effort, or a 7 out of a 10 max. This is how you’ll maximize calorie burning while still remaining within the high end of your ability.


Safety First – From Tread to Trail

When beginning any type of exercise, be it cardio machines or trail walking, maintain a realistic approach to your ability and your goals. Start off in a light manner and progress naturally. Always include a warm-up and stretch to avoid injury. And if you have any physical or medical concerns, consult your medical professional beforehand. Don’t wait until after you’re injured!