Canadian Obesity Rates Cannot Be Ignored!

Obesity rates in Canada are rapidly on the rise, bringing awareness that the topic of obesity cannot be ignored. Did you know that one in four Canadian adults are already obese? In addition, one in 10 children are also clinically obese. Sadly, this represents more than six million Canadians who are potentially struggling with high blood pressure, heart and stroke issues, diabetes, joint and arthritis pain, and numerous emotional and psychological issues.  The obesity problem lies not only with the individuals themselves, but also with their communities at large, the medical community and health care infrastructure, and so on.  For this reason we continue to focus attention on showing people how to find time to exercise despite a hectic schedule.  Obesity cannot be ignored and it’s time we take a collective stand.

Among the many challenges attributed to losing weight, obesity risk factors further increase if people are unwilling to determine just how to effectively lose that weight. It’s very difficult to carve out free time for yourself, so that’s why it’s important to have a plan. Follow the simple, yet effective tips below and you’ll be armed with ways to approach your day and burn the fat away! And remember, you’re not alone. Studies show that when you make a plan with someone, be it a professional or just a friend, you’re weight loss success rate increases. Try following our suggested tips below.


6 Simple Tips For Losing Weight

•              Take half an hour during lunch to walk or climb stairs

•              Stick with functional activities, things that are going to mimic everyday activity

•              Take your pets on long walks

•              Play actively with your kids

•              Have a plan of attack. Thinking through what you are going to do can save a lot of frustration down the road. This can be done for you, we offer obesity help:

You’re not alone. Join the obesity community:



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